What We're Working On

We work with members to identify suitable opportunities to drive transformation of food retail. The scope of our Interest Groups spans from creating and disseminating new resources, through to alternative models of food retail that utilise short supply chains. Our Community of Practice capability provides the opportunity for interested parties to share learnings on ways to shift to healthier food retail.

The primary focus of the Nourish Network is food retail in Australia, where food is being purchased rather than provided as part of a service or accommodation. It includes producers, suppliers and caterers within the hospitality industry.

Interest Groups

Click through to our Interest Group pages to find out more about what we’re working on. From there you can connect directly with Interest Group and Project Leads if you would like to know more or get involved.


Collaborating to advocate for healthy food retail

Local Government

Food retail operations that fall under Australian local government legislation


Making healthy food easier for businesses

If you have an idea for a potential Interest Group or project, please let us know here