To understand the views of local government stakeholders in Victoria on government actions to encourage healthy eating and reduce the impacts of climate change.


Volunteers sought for study on local government climate change and food policy

Deakin University is conducting a study to understand local government stakeholder perspectives regarding local government actions to promote healthy eating and mitigate climate change. We are recruiting Victorian local government stakeholders for interviews to discuss their experiences and perspectives.

Local councils can play a significant role in leading initiatives that support sustainable and healthy food practices. It is hoped that this study will address the gap that exists in relation to the actions that can be undertaken by the council to address both issues together, and what resources are required to support action.

Voluntary participation in the study would involve a one-hour interview via Zoom with a student researcher. Interviews will discuss the role of the participant, their experience working with local government health policy, current healthy sustainable food environment policy in practice at local government level, potential priority areas of action, and plans for future actions.

Ethics approval for this study has been granted by Deakin University’s Faculty of Health Human Ethics Advisory Group (ref HEAG-H 105_2021). There is no obligation to participate in the study and the decision to participate will not affect your relationship with the research team or Deakin University.

Study Participation

If you are interested to participate in this study, or have any questions, please contact Dr Miranda Blake on 03 9246 8487;

Contact Lead Researcher