Working together to transform tertiary food retail environments to be healthier and more environmentally sustainable


The Healthy and Sustainable Tertiary Food Environments (‘HASTE’) Community of Practice is focused on the practical elements of support for practitioners and professionals working to transform the food environments in tertiary education institutions to be healthy, environmentally sustainable and equitable. This includes, but is not limited to stakeholder engagement, co-design, application of state-based guidelines, partnership formation, operational considerations and considerations for lease agreements.


We aim to:

  • Build a network that shares knowledge, tools and resources to transform food environments in tertiary education institutions and connect new and existing members to contacts in networks
  • Support tertiary education institutions to implement policies and interventions to transform their campus food environment to be healthy, sustainable and equitable by sharing ideas, resources and networks
  • Advocate for the creation of healthy food environments within tertiary education institutions in alignment with best practice evidence

Upcoming Events

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Presenter Bios

Gloria Sun completed her dietetics degree at UBC. She has worked in many different areas of dietetics from clinical, outpatients, private practice to public health. Gloria is an advocate of nutrition and wellbeing and is passionate about ensuring the university residence environment supports a healthy lifestyle. She is far from the food police, loves connecting with students and is passionate about helping them adopt nutritious patterns through various unique ways. She is also AllerTrain certified and works hard to support students with various allergy and intolerance concerns. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gloriasunrd

Liska Richer is the Manager of the SEEDS Sustainability Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver Campus. SEEDS utilizes the Campus as a Living Laboratory to co-create impactful student-led research opportunities and interdisciplinary partnerships that advance UBC’s sustainability and wellbeing commitments and create scalable solutions to critical societal issues. Over one thousand impactful applied research projects have been generated which inform the development and implementation of UBC’s sustainability policies and practices, provide students with professional development and meaningful learning experiences, and faculty with opportunities to integrate sustainability into the curriculum. She co-chairs a range of interdisciplinary collaborations  spanning food systems, biodiversity and climate issues including: UBC Food System Sustainability Committee, Climate Friendly Food Systems Action Team,  and Campus Biodiversity Initiative: Research & Demonstration Additionally, Liska teaches a capstone course on  Leadership in Food System Sustainability in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, which examines and addresses food system sustainability challenges and opportunities on the UBC-Vancouver campus. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liska-richer

Oriana Ruffini is a Research Fellow at Deakin University. Oriana is currently working in food policy at the Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition (GLOBE); after having previously worked at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) in community health evaluations. She is passionate about local food system change and approaches to creating healthy food and eating environments. Oriana holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Honours degree and worked as a practising nutritionist. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/orianaruffini