Working together to transform tertiary food retail environments to be healthier and more environmentally sustainable


The Healthy and Sustainable Tertiary Food Environments (‘HASTE’) Community of Practice is focused on the practical elements of support for practitioners and professionals working to transform the food environments in tertiary education institutions to be healthy, environmentally sustainable and equitable. This includes, but is not limited to stakeholder engagement, co-design, application of state-based guidelines, partnership formation, operational considerations and considerations for lease agreements.


We aim to:

  • Build a network that shares knowledge, tools and resources to transform food environments in tertiary education institutions and connect new and existing members to contacts in networks
  • Support tertiary education institutions to implement policies and interventions to transform their campus food environment to be healthy, sustainable and equitable by sharing ideas, resources and networks
  • Advocate for the creation of healthy food environments within tertiary education institutions in alignment with best practice evidence