To develop resources that support businesses to transition to healthier food retail practices


The Healthy Food Retail Resources Action Team have developed a toolkit to support food retailers to adapt their practices to support customers with healthier purchase decisions.

The toolkit is a step-by-step guide that includes ideas and tried and tested processes that transition the retail environment in a financially sustainable way.

The intended audience of the toolkit is small- to medium-sized food retail cafes in Victoria, with a focus on those located within hospital and health services, universities and sports and recreation centres.

Action Team Members

Margaret Rozman – Nutrition Australia, HEAS
Brigitte Annois – Nutrition Australia, HEAS
Miranda Blake – Deakin University
Victoria Hobbs – Deakin University
Chris Livaditis – Deakin University
Harriet Lausberg – Deakin University
Tara Boelsen-Robinson – Deakin University
Tari Bowling – Deakin University
Adyya Gupta – Deakin University
Emalie Rosewarne – The George Institute for Global Health
John Hedley – Western District Health Service
Laura Paulsen – Cancer Council Victoria
Megan Hunt – Gateway Health

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