To understand the views of local government organisations in Victoria on healthy food retail recognition programs that provide public acknowledgement of retail outlets that offer healthier and more sustainable food and drinks to the community.


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We are seeking local government organisations to partner for a research study being undertaken by the Nourish Network Healthy Retail Food Recognition action team. 

The Nourish Network is undertaking this research. We are a multi-sector collective working together to transform food retail practices for the better health of people and planet.  We have a mission to actively promote retailers that provide a healthy food environment. The Nourish Network is an initiative of Deakin University’s Institute for Health Transformation, its purpose is to work collaboratively to make healthy and sustainable food available and accessible to all. 

Recently we looked at best practice guidelines for a successful healthy food retail recognition program and found that local government organisations are key to implementing such programs. Therefore, the purpose of this first phase of the project is to survey staff working in local government organisations to gather insights on how to work with local Councils most effectively and to gauge interest in participating in the next steps. 

“Healthy food retail recognition” is defined as a public acknowledgement of a retail outlet that has demonstrated the provision and promotion of healthier foods and drinks to its clientele and/or community. With a focus on specific retailers, “food retail outlet” is defined as places which allow the general public to purchase ready-made or cooked foods to be eaten on or off the premises as take away.

With the information gathered from this survey we aim to develop a healthy food retail recognition program through a co-design process involving local government representatives. The program will align to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and ensure community members have access to healthy meals when eating out. The Nourish Network will facilitate the co-design process and support the development and piloting of the newly created program at no cost to Councils. We welcome your feedback and involvement in the project. 

Project Participation

If you are interested in participating in or have any questions about this project, please contact Lead Researcher, Dr Megan Adam, via the contact button below. 

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