About Farm to School Food Networks

The goal of the Farm to School Project is to cultivate healthy food connections between farms, canteens, classrooms, and communities.

The idea behind a farm to school food system is to remake connections between schools and farmers/producers, to increase the flow of healthy, locally grown food to school communities and support a vibrant local and regional food economy.

The activities within a farm to school food system may include one or more of the following:

  • Selling fresh produce/products supplied by local/regional growers/producers to the school community:
    • In the onsite canteen
    • On an onsite farm stand or farmers market
    • Through a vegetable box scheme
  • Growing food on school premises in a garden or farm, where children can obtain hands-on experience
  • Organising excursions to local farms and/or incursions from growers or producers
  • Integrating food-based eco literacy into the school curriculum
  • Closing the loop of waste and packaging in the school food system through waste reduction, composting, and recycling strategies

Image – Vermont Farm to School Network

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We’re interested in building healthy schools, thriving farms, and connected communities

The Farm to School project is a community of diverse voices interested in improving connections between farms and schools in Victoria, Australia.

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