In this webinar Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson shares the findings of her research reviewing tools and resources to transition to healthier food retail practices, that are available worldwide.

Below you will find Tara’s reflections on the webinar and interactive session, along with links to further information.

Tara: This webinar presents an overview of a research project aiming to identify the different types of resources and tools available to support retailers to shift to healthier food provision. 

I focus on three toolkits that are each comprehensive in providing recommendations in the different areas of retailer engagement, implementation of business friendly strategies, and evaluation of outcomes. The webinar finishes with an assessment of the current gaps in resource provision.  

We had a total of 50 people view the webinar live, with around 25 staying for the interactive discussions. Those attending ranged from researchers (38%), NGOs (16%), government (10%), health services (3%), and undisclosed (26%).  

Participants in the interactive session were asked to reflect on and discuss a series of questions relating to their professional use of tools and resources and what from their perspective was needed going forward. 

A number of comments arose on the need for tools that had demonstrated effectiveness in engaging retailers in healthy food practices and in sustaining initiatives. Further comments reflected the need for the retailer perspective to be incorporated into tools, in considering what they valued, and how to manage their concerns (i.e. food wastage). Another key reflection was the need to provide a central repository of useful tools.  

Please find below a copy of the webinar slides to download and a selected list of resources and tools that may be useful in your practice. 

If you have any other great examples of resources and tools to share, please add them into the comments box below so others can take a look. You can also join the Nourish Network to get updates on future webinars, resources, events, and research.

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