To develop resources that support businesses transition to healthier food retail practices


The Healthy Retail Resources Action Team are developing a toolkit to support food retailers to adapt their practices to support customers with healthier purchase decisions.

The toolkit will be a step-by-step guide that includes ideas and tried and tested processes that transition the retail environment in a financially sustainable way.

The intended audience of the toolkit includes cafes, vending machine operators, and caterers under the purview of government, including hospital and health services, universities, sports and recreation.

Action Team Members

Margaret Rozman – Nutrition Australia, HEAS
Kirsten Johnson – Nutrition Australia, HEAS
Brigitte Annois – Nutrition Australia, HEAS
Miranda Blake – Deakin University
Victoria Hobbs – Deakin University
Chris Livaditis – Deakin University
Tara Boelsen-Robinson – Deakin University
Emalie Rosewarne – The George Institute for Global Health
John Hedley – Western District Health Service
Toby Ware – Inspiro
David Johnstone – Eureka Corporate

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